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Rollan McCleary is an author of Irish and Australian nationality. He has written and studied on religion and cultural issues from an alternative viewpoint starting in the eighties when his The Expansion of God (1982), a critical success, examined the problems of Christian culture within Asia. He has also written poetry and drama.

Rollan's world first doctorate on the varieties of gay spirituality past and present in the West obtained through the Studies in Religion Department of Queensland University, Australia in 2003, caused some national and international controversy on account of his actual and alleged claims. (Actual claims included that in certain respects the gospels contained elements of what today would seem like gay spirituality democratized for everyone. Seriously false press and media claims that he has had to protest included that Jesus incarnated to have sex with his disciples. Publication of the doctorate has subsequently clarified Rollan's position).

From 2004 to early 2008 this site functioned mainly as a guide to the author's ideas and resistance to disinformation about them. Wider issues and various controversies got tackled at Rollan’s Censored Issues Blog now succeeded by McCleary’s Alternatives. After living and working in Hong Kong in 2007/8 Rollan returned to Australia where he now lives in the Sunshine Coast hinterland region of Queensland.

In 2009 Rollan issued Cosmic Father: Spirituality as Relationship, and Testament of the Magi. The former was influenced by a period of intense religious experiences and offers insight into our understanding of the Trinity and God the Father.The latter work renders more popularly accessible and with a great deal of new and significant information, ideas first broached some years ago in Signs for a Messiah (2003). Rollan’s Temple Mysteries and Spiritual Efficiency (2011) is about the practical application of vision, specifically a type of Temple vision and theology influenced by elements of the increasingly discussed work of Hebrew scholar Margaret Barker. It is the most topically geared and wide-ranging of his books addressing a host of issues from the Catholic cult of saints to shamanism and the new exorcism.

In a very different vein, Puer Poems (2011) is a collection of neo-romantic verse made during the eighties which even influential recommendations never succeeded in getting published for reasons which raise questions about standards and values in modern poetry. The Great Circle: Asia, David and God Consciousness considers root East/West issues, mystical, aesthetic etc, and most recently this is succeeded by questions of eros in the extended essay Solomon’s Tantric Song (2012).

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